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In the political systems of Hong Kong, a functional constituency is a professional or special interest group involved in the electoral process. Eligible voters in a functional constituency may include natural persons as well as other designated legal entities such as

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Functional Constituency and Election Committee Subsector If you or your body* are/is eligible to be registered as a functional constituency (“FC”) elector, you or your body must also apply to be registered as an Election Committee (“EC”) subsector voter (either a

Number of electors Geographical Constituencies: 3,779,085 Functional Constituencies: 239,724* * Excluding 3,473,792 electors of the District Council (second) functional constituency More details 1-person-2-votes Each elector will have one vote for the

Notice of Result of Election — Legislative Council General Election Medical Functional Constituency (9.9.2016) Notice of Result of Election — Legislative Council General Election Health Services Functional Constituency (9.9.2016)

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6/2/2014 · In the second of a four-part series on prospects for reform in the 2016 Legco election, we look at who elects functional constituency lawmakers. In the insurance sector, the 130 voters – the second smallest electorate of any constituency – include eight

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CONTENTS Page Number I. 1Introduction II. 2Who is Eligible to Apply for Registration in the Legal Functional Constituency and its Corresponding Election Committee Subsector III. 5Who is Disqualified from being Registered IV. How to Submit an Application 5

Elections in Hong Kong take place when certain political offices in the government need to be filled. Every four years, There are no rules governing the uniformity of functional constituency elections, although some of the elections use the preferential.

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Functional Constituency and Election Committee Subsector REO-41 Application by an individual for registration in a Functional Constituency and/or an Election Committee Subsector Upload REO-41 REO-43 Report on Change of Particulars by an individual in a

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Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Liberal Studies Independent Enquiry Study Report Standard Covering Page * Excluding 3,219,755 electors of the District Council (second) functional constituency Election arrangement of LegCo in the Basic Law

Functional Constituency and Election Committee Subsector REO-41 Application by an individual for registration in a Functional Constituency and/or an Election Committee Subsector Upload REO-41 REO-43 Report on Change of Particulars by an individual in a

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Circular No.2296 通告2296號 Legislative Council (Medical Functional Constituency) Election Forum 2016 Legislative Council (Medical Functional Constituency) Election Forum 2016 二零一六年立法會(醫學界功能組別)選舉論壇 The Medical Functional Constituency

Incur Election Expenses by a List of Candidates in a Geographical Constituency/District Council (second) Functional Constituency Election (open in new window) REO/C/3(FC)/2016LC(SF) Authorisation to Incur Election Expenses in a Functional (open in

In its Decision in 2014, the NPCSC has formally determined that universal suffrage for the CE election through 「one person, The District Council (second) functional constituency is a single constituency covering the whole territory and candidates consist of

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Composition of the Legislative Council Supplementary information The Sixth Legislative Council (2016-2020) has 70 Members, with There are 29 functional constituencies in the functional constituency election of the Legislative Council. Q5: How many

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constituency 選民,顧客,讀者 [譯] 西洛錫安問題是由第一個提出這個問題的蘇格蘭西洛錫安選區的一位議員所命名。

For the functional constituency election, there are 55 validly nominated candidates (not including candidates of the District Council (second) functional constituency), and 43 of them will run for 18 seats in the functional constituencies.

16th May 2012 (for LEGCO election in Sep) Procedures Register as a voter (Geographical Constituencies), please fill and submit this form: REO-1

「functional constituency election」 中文翻译 功能界别选举〔前称功能组别选举 「functional constituency system」中文翻译 功能界别制度 「health services functional constituency」中文翻译

21/10/2013 · In the 2012 Legco election, candidates were returned unopposed in 16 of the 30 seats in the 28 functional constituencies. Moreover, in the agriculture and fisheries functional constituency, only 123 voters turned out. Compare that with the 61,705 voters for the

functional constituency election的中文意思:功能界别选举〔前称功能组别选举,查阅functional constituency election的详细中文翻译、发音、用法和例句等。 功能界别选举〔前称功能组别选举 「functional」中文翻译 adj. 1.官能的,机能的。 2.在起作用的;职务

LCQ4: The Legislative Council functional constituencies Following is a question by Hon Paul Tse and a reply by the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, in the Legislative Council today (March 10): Question: Regarding the

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Functional Constituency Research Project 2004 to maintain the FC election system for the 2008 LegCo election, thereby ruling out universal suffrage, it was emphasised that: To maintain the original capitalist system, the political system in Hong Kong must cater to

If you wish to apply for new registration in any functional constituency including the District Council (Second) and/or Election Committee subsector, you may complete the 「Application by an Individual for Registration in a Functional

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LCQ20: Eligibility for being nominated as a candidate for a functional constituency election of the Legislative Council 2018/06/13 LCQ2: Influence of offices set up in Hong Kong by departments of the Central People’s Government 2018/06/06 LCQ14: Access to

9/10/2019 · It could table a bill to abolish corporate voting for the Functional Constituencies in LegCo and for the seats on the CE Election Committee, instead handing the vote to any Permanent

12/2/2019 · The government has proposed implementing a pilot scheme for electronic vote counting across three functional constituency sectors during next year’s Legislative Council election. The proposal was made after vote counting to much longer than expected following

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election, one for geographical constituency, and the other for functional constituency. The sixth term Legislative Council election was held on September 4, 2016. The term of the office of the Legislative Council is four years which began on The President of the

Regarding functional constituency election, there are 29 functional constituencies returning a total of 35 members. These functional constituencies represent sectors which are substantial and important to the development of the community. Each of the functional

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Tables and figures CHAPTER 4 Elected by the elite: Functional constituency legislators and elections Figure 1. Substantial connection requirement for candidacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114 Table 1. Political affiliation of FC legislators 1991

*Election / By-election *Legislative Council / District Council (b) * 選區/功能界別 name of the constituency or functional constituency in which he/she contests written thereon. 10.

District councillor Paul Zimmerman hopes to bring together talents from all sides to improve Hong Kong’s city planning. But he faces a tough fight to win the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape functional constituency seat formerly held by Edward Yiu

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6/1/2018 · Territories East and the architectural functional constituency will be held on March 11, She ran in the 2012 Legislative Council election, the February 2016 by-election and the September general election but lost with substantial amount of votes

On December 11, 2016, the Election Committee (EC) subsector elections will be held in Hong Kong. [1] These elections will select 1,034 of the 1,200 members of the EC which will elect the Chief Executive (CE) in March 2017. Due to the small number

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through the available data to assess how and to what extent the functional constituency election system has impacted Hong Kong political, economic and social developments over the years. Hong Kong is unique in the world in having half the legislature

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1/8/2012 · Male Vocie Over : In the Legislative Council Election on September 9, every voter will have two votes. One for a geographical constituency and one for a functional constituency. More than 3 million voters can choose one candidate list in a geographical constituency

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The Labour functional constituency (Chinese: 勞工界功能界別) is a functional constituency in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong first created It was one of the 12 functional constituency seats created for the 1985 Legislative Council election. It